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Black Hawks Training Center

Our Statement!

Welcome To Our

Taekwondo Club


“Our mission is to teach Taekwondo by utilizing a spirit, mind, body, holistic approach.”


Black Hawks Training Center was founded in July 2014.

The Black Hawks Training Center is designed to teach, coach and instruct in different forms of fitness, sports and martial art programs. The Black Hawks Training Center trains students on achieving better health through physical fitness and proper nutrition. Students will also have the opportunity to become physically fit, while training through our various fitness clubs. They can train for self or compete at a tournament in one of our marital art or sports club. The Black Hawks Training Center has created the BHTC Taekwondo Club as its first for the practitioner that has a desire to learn the Korean Martial Art Taekwondo (the Art of the Hand and Foot).


BHTC Tae Kwon Do Club teaches traditional taekwondo, competition training and leadership development. BHTC TKDC will teach practitioners discipline, focus, respect, confidence, physical fitness, the importance of proper health and nutrition, and the will to train oneself to live a healthier life. The BHTC Taekwondo Club is a place for students to focus and discipline their mind, have more control of their actions, exercise, stretch, and cardio workout (kicking and punching).


In addition, the program will include teaching holistic living, terminology, BHTC TKDC philosophy, Korean philosophy (5 tenets), anti-bullying seminars, self-defense courses, and meditation practices.  BHTC TKDC aims to keep children healthy and physically fit.


Practitioners can also participate in our club programs such as our fitness boot camp, it is for all club members. During boot camp, practitioners test their physical and mental limits, making them stronger in the body as well as the mind.


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