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Black Hawks Training Center



Black Hawks Taekwondo System

BHTC Traditional TKD will help the practitioner learn about discipline, focus, respect for self and others. The practitioner will build self-confidence and grow to be a leader. The practitioner will learn the Healing Arts and the Holistic way of life through Holistic Arts, Terminology, Floor Drills, Forms (Poomse), One-steps (Han Bun Kyrogi), Self Defense (Ho Shin Sul), Sparring (Kyrogi), breaking (Kyukpa), Through our Novice, Intermediate and Advance Stage, BHTC has systematically broken down each stage into 4 levels for each stage giving the TKD practitioner the skills needed to become a Certified BHTC Black Belt.


Holistic Arts (Jeonchejeog Yesul)

Practitioners will learn to understand the healing arts of Taekwondo. How to heal the body, proper exercise, conditioning, stretching, proper rest and nutrition by using all natural ingredients.


Terminology (Sul-Eo)


Practitioners are required to learn Korean terminology at each level. This includes words and numbers.

Floor Drills (Peullo-Eo Deulil)


Practitioners will learn stances, striking and blocking techniques while in a stationary position and in motion.  Practitioners will learn how to shift and turn in clockwise and counter clockwise position.  Practitioners will learn how to kick and the application of it.


Forms (Poomse)


Practitioners are required to learn the forms for their level only. Practitioners should be ready to test on that form along with their last testing form.  Testing for black belt the practitioner must know 17 forms.


One Steps (Han bun Kyrougi)


One step is the pre-arranged Sparring technique you learn. The attacker performs a hand or foot technique and the defender blocks and retaliates; either in the same move or quick succession.


Self Defense (Ho Shin Sul/Jagi Bang-Eo)


Hapkido is a highly eclectic Korean martial art. It is a form of self-defense that employs joint locks, grappling and throwing techniques of other martial arts, as well as kicks and other striking attacks.


Sparring (Kyrougi)


No Contact ( two on two Sparring)

WT/Olympic Style Sparring

Point Sparring


Taekwondo is a full contact sport in which participants kick and punch each other at target areas above the waist.  Training and preparation is intense and requires technical skill, tactical analysis, endurance, and speed.


Breaking (Kyuk Pa)


Intermediate practitioners are required to break during their promotional test. Standard 1 x 12, 1 x 6, and 1 x 4 # 2 white pine is the wood that will be used. The length of the board varies based on the age of the practitioner. A practitioner may choose to have a longer board but they may not choose a smaller board.

Leadership Development 

The goal is to develop each student into a leader, by giving them the tools needed to be able to manage, organize, delegate, take initiative, developing and running programs and developing our youth.  

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