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About Black Hawks Institute of Higher Learning


Our Statement!

Welcome To Our

Private School K-12th Grade Class


“Our mission is to provide a private school that prepares our students for their future by utilizing a spirit, mind, body, approach.”


Black Hawks Institute of Higher Learning was founded in June 2015.

The Black Hawks Institute of Higher Learning is a private educational institution that has three divisions, our K-12th Grade Home School (A Creative Curriculum) develop by parents, our K-12th Grade Main School (In House Curriculum) develop by the administration, and our Career and Technical Education School (Adult, Career and Technical Curriculum) develop by the administration to help students complete their High School diploma and also help students jump start their career. The Black Hawks Institute of Higher Learning program focus is to cultivate and educate the spirit, mind, and body of our students.  


The Black Hawks Institute of Higher Learning is where students will receive education in holistic living. BHI curriculum will teach on health, nutrition, fine arts, culture, spirituality and physical education, while teaching on the core classes that will help each student to prepare for graduation. BHI will prepare students for college, trade or starting their own business. Students not only meet the general requirements to prepare them for college, but will learn about culture, holistic living, fitness through our virtual learning classes. BHI follow the model of the Black Hawks Organization curriculum, holistic living through a spirit, mind, body approach.


BHI Home School has three creative curriculum plans where parents develop and create their own curriculum:


Creative Curriculum Basic Plan: This is plan is where parents are registered under BHI private school. Parents don't have the full perks of the private school but have creative control over the type of curriculum they choose to teach.


Creative Curriculum Extended Plan: This  plan is where parents create their own curriculum while following the standard for the 24-credit diploma.


Creative Curriculum Guided Plan: This plan is where parents have the option to create their own curriculum with the support of the administration, or parents and administration determine a plan together, or administration construct a curriculum that is structured for the student while following the standards for diploma graduation.


This provides opportunities to the parents to have the covering of a private school while being able to have a creative curriculum parents design to  teach their child(ren).   

BHI Main School has four diploma track programs:

  • 24-credit Standard Diploma Track Program

  • 18-credit Academically Challenging Curriculum to Enhance Learning (ACCEL) Diploma Track Program

  • 32-credit Life Enrichment and Vocational Education (LEAVE) Diploma Track Program

  • Specialized Degree Career and Technical Educational (CTE) Diploma Track Program

BHI Career and Technical Educational School is where students can take college level courses to earn a degree or certification.  BHI Students can also earn their H.S diploma. Participation in one of our programs is base on the qualifications of the student and administration recommendation. BHI offers:

  • Dual Enrollment Program

  • Career and Technical Program

    • Degree Program

    • Certification Program

  • Adult Studies Program

  • College Readiness Course Program

BHI Students will also take part in our club activities and our volunteer programs. 


For the parents that made the decision to do our distance learning (homeschool) program, it does not mean that you have to do it alone. BHI is committed to providing you, (the home school educator), with the curriculum guide and our school structured organization so that as a parent(s) you'll have the tools needed to be able to provide to your child.

*PLEASE NOTE A SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT : the Black Hawks Institute of Higher Learning Second Division Main School has develop a holistic curriculum that would foster a child's psychological, moral, emotional, physical and spiritual needs. At this the Black Hawks Institute of Higher Learning Second Division Main School is the process in getting space and creating a virtual learning school so that parents and students have the option to learn in a brick and mortar or at home. We are also looking to hire teachers that are qualified to teach the subjects BHI is offering. Please check this website or any of our social media platforms to check for updates on our progress.  

The Black Hawks Institute of Higher Learning is currently registered with the Florida Department of Education as a Private School. The Department of Education (FL DOE# 8192) recognized BHI as non-profit private “Umbrella” school in the State of Florida and is in compliance with the state private school statutes.


Enrollment in BHI also legally meets the compulsory attendance laws of Florida. As part of our services, we provide diplomas, transcripts, portfolio assistance, and competitive pricing.


BHI does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, gender, nationality, or ethnic origin in the administration of our educational and admissions policies. 

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